Solid control system using Shale Shaker

Recently, renown solid control systems consists of four to five stages including decanter centrifuge, drilling mud desander, mud shale shaker and vacuum degasser. Vacuum degaser are effective because its usage don’t bring harmful gases along its working and produce less

Redefined designs by GRABE

Specific experiments by professionals have assumed that some available combinations of these technologies will be altered soon. According to them the combinations of shale shaker (which works with high efficiency) and variable frequency centrifuge which is known by the title of Double Stages Drilling Mud Solids Control will certainly replace the previous five stage drilling mud cycle. This design is proposed by keeping its effective outcomes in mind. The adaptation of this design will certainly help in energy conversation and if authorities would get agree on multiple stages separation technique, the previously important components like mud shale shaker will be eliminated. Other benefitsof this design are that it will reduce the processing time and the quantity of mud tanks along with the mud tanks storages. It will improve the processing efficiency as well as its safety.


There is another technique named as oil field drilling mud for solid control system and it helps to reuse the drilling mud that can be used after getting out of the well. Solid control systems are well defined and capable of separating the large drilled cuttings and barite from other large solid particles which makes this technique more workable in the field.

Work with Shale Shaker

GRABE is defining and introducing enormous solid control systems and most effective equipment available are Shale Shaker, Decanter centrifuge, Vacuum degasser, Desander, Mud/Gas separator, Desilter, Jet mud mixer, Mud agitator, Sand pumos and so much many more in the respective regard which makes the proposal by The GRABE more appealing.

There are two major changes which have been introduced in the new system designed for solid control. First include setting of vacuum degasser prior to drilling mud shale shaker. Practically and officially gas is being separated after the separation of drilled mud, and when gas is released in a great amount it puts safety in the danger zone. But if specialized equipment are used, these risks can be reduced. You can use vacuum degasser which will effectively conduct the gas releasing process without causing any harm.

Other change which is introduced is the formation of a separate unit containing the Desander, desilter and Shale Shaker. If we just eliminate DEsander and Desilter, it will be effective in time savings and if will be safe to use too.

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